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Introduction To Send mails Using Python Script

Send mails using Python

In this blog, we will learn how to send mails using the python library. To send mail using python we need an external library called SMTPlib which comes with python. It uses SMTP ( Simple Mail Transfer protocol ) To send mail using python programming....

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Introduction to View in SQL

In SQL, a view is a virtual table based on the outcome-set of an statement.

A view contains rows and columns, just like an original table. The entries in a view are entries from one or more original tables in the database.

You can add functions, WHERE, and JOIN statements to...

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Introduction to Outer Join in SQL

Outer Join in SQL is used when you want to retrieve some uncommon data from multiple tables. The Outer join is used to retrieve the information which is not common between two tables.

There are three types of outer join:-

  • Left Outer join
  • Right, Outer Join. 
  • Full Out...
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Introduction to Multi-Row FunctionIn SQL

The multi-row function in SQL is used to retrieve data per set of rows at the time when we work on the group by clause we use the Multi-Row Function.

Types of Multi-Row Functions are

  • Maximum(Max)
  • Minimum(MIN)
  • Average(Avg)
  • Sum 
  • Count

MAX ( ) Function in SQL:-


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Introduction to Inner Join In SQL

The most valuable and commonly used of the joins is the Inner Join In SQL. 

They are also referred to as an EQUIJOIN.

The Inner Join In SQL creates a new result table by joining column values of two tables (table1 and table2) based upon the join-word. 

The que...

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Introduction To Sending multiple Emails using Python script

In the blog we discuss about sending multiple emails using python script, to send mail using python we used SMTP library and the module also using the MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) 

To send mail first, we need to import the...

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Introduction to Data Manipulation Languagein SQL

Data manipulation language is used to retrieve information from the table and modify the data which is present in the table this language in SQL is widely used to retrieve data from multiple tables.

commands of DML in SQL. 

  • SELECT – retrieve data fr...
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Introduction to Data Definition Language in SQL

Data definition language in SQL is abbreviated as DDL. It is also called as data descriptive languages. Now the question arises what is DDL?

DDL statements are used to create and modify database objects such as tables, indexes, and users.

So the commands ...

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Introduction to Single Row Function in SQL

Single row function in SQL are the ones who work on a single row and return one output per row.

Single row function in SQL can be character, numeric, date, and conversion functions. these functions are used to modify data items. These functions need one or mo...

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Introduction about the languages in SQL

There are three languages that control the SQL database. Like creating a table and modifying the data inside the table this type of operation will perform using the SQL languages, these languages are as follows.


The DML stands for Data Manipulation Language


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