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Introduction To Statistics in Machine Learning and SciPy

In this article we are going to discuss Statistics in Machine Learning and SciPy, Statistical Machine Learning has become a vital component in the journey to becoming a good Data Scientist. Statistics and other numerical concepts have become an...

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IntroductionANOVA (Analysis of Variance)

Analysis of Variance(ANOVA) is an extremely important tool for data analysis. Two types of ANOVA one is One Way and anothe is Two Way ANOVA used.

It is a statistical method to compare the population means of two or more groups by analyzing variance. 


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IntroductionChi-square and ANOVA Tests

In this blog, discuss two different techniques such as Chi-square and ANOVA Tests. Both are hypothesis testing mainly theoretical.

The Chi-Square test is a statistical procedure used by researchers to find out differences between categorical variables in the same...

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IntroductionCovariance and Correlation

Covariance and correlation both are mathematical concepts that are also used in statistics and probability theory. Most useful in understanding variables. Generally use the data science field for comparing data samples from different populations, and covariance ...

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Introduction To Outlier Treatment

Outlier Treatment is One of the important part of data pre processing is the handling outlier. If your data contains outliers that affect our result which will depend on the data. So to remove these outliers from data Outlier Treatment is used. First of all, need to...

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IntroductionTo Types Of Sampling

The terms related to statistics for referring to misleading terms.

Sampling is a statistical procedure that is concerned with the selection of the individual observation. In sampling, we assume that samples are drawn from the population and sample means and population ...

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Introduction To Statistic Interview Question

Statistic is most important part of Data Science and here is guide to crack your next Statistic Interview. In this series we are going to discuss about most important Statistic Interview Question and their answers.

Q1.What is Selection Bias?

This is most im...

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IntroductionHypothesis Testing using T-test

The t-test tells you how significant the differences between groups. It means that it lets you know if those differences (measured in means/averages) could have happened by chance. 

What Is Mean By Hypothesis Testing using T-test?

TheT-Test is ratio of t...

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IntroductionHypothesis Testing using Z-test

The current situation in pandemic due to coronavirus, all of the record has made a statistician. Now, the government and non-government sector constantly checking the numbers, making our own assumptions as per numbers. How the pandemic will play out, it cal...

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Introduction To Sample and Population

The study of statistics it around the study of data sets. This article describes two important types of data sets - populations and samples. Along the way, we'll introduce simple random sampling, the main method used when solving a machine learning problem or pro...

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